Evappe Deluxe Box 20000

With its extraordinary puff capacity and trendy LED screen design, the Deluxe Box 20000 boasts a selection of 10 flavors to cater to diverse consumer preferences. Don’t miss out on this product—give it a try.

The Deluxe Box 20000 is now in production, and we welcome distributors to place orders. For all wholesale orders, Evappe is committed to providing the most favorable prices and attentive service. Retail buyers can visit our official store, where we offer bulk discounts and free shipping for all retail orders.


☑ 0% 2% 5% Nicotine
☑ 26ML of E-liquid.
☑ 20000 Puffs
☑ 600mah Rechargeable
☑ Type-C.
☑ Mesh Coil:1.0omh
☑ 10pcs / box.


10 kinds of rich flavors to choose from

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