Evappe Crystal Legend Pro 5000

Absolutely, the Crystal Legend Pro 5000 vape from Evappe Tech is completely safe. We conduct rigorous inspections on every device leaving our factory to ensure they meet our high standards. Each batch of products undergoes thorough quality checks, including Puff tests, Shake tests, and Fall-down tests.

Furthermore, in terms of logistics and distribution, we hold our logistics partners to the highest standards, ensuring that products remain undamaged during long-distance transportation


☑ 0% 2% 5% Nicotine
☑ 12ML of E-liquid.
☑ 5000 Puffs
☑ 1500mah 
☑ Mesh Coil:1.0mh
☑ 10pcs / box.
☑ 200pcs / carton.
☑ GW: 18kg/ctn


22 kinds of rich flavors to choose from

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